Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of providing dental services for dental outpatients
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
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The service provider claims that they have the professional, official background, operating licences, conditions and medical liability insurance connected to the activities in question, which are all necessary for providing dental services. All these extend to all their circles of interest.

The patient named in the individual contract for service providing, in the Treatment plan or in any declarations for ordering services.

1. Scope of Terms and Conditions:
The Client, under conditions specified in this particular Terms and Conditions, purchases dental outpatient services (for a fee) from the Assigned, without obligations of providing medical care. The Assigned provides oro-surgical and dental technical services as intermediary services. Individual assigning contract for service providing: assembly of all those legal declarations, which are displayed at the Clinic of the service provider and which are all necessary for the service providing activity representing the complete treatment course, as well as which are ordered on ordering sheets of the patient Clients and their lawful representatives (signed), or which are handed personally to the Assigned before starting the treatment, during the course of the treatment or after finishing it (such as Treatment plan, Dental anamnesis data sheet, Patient information leaflet, Permission for performing a surgical intervention, Information leaflet before a surgical operation, Information leaflet after the surgical operation, Privacy information notice and any other relevant documents, even future new forms, information guides for physicians or patients regarding treatments or other forms, perhaps additional declaration forms, independently of their denomination. The Assigned definitely maintains the right to continuously developing the medical and therapeutic data sheets.
The contract comes into effect between the Assigned and the Client when a service is purchased (by conduct) with the according to the contents of these Terms and conditions even if the Individual assigning contract for service providing has not been signed due to any reasons.

2.1. The Client notices that the Assigned provides dental services for certain fees based on a publicly accessible price list. Due to this fact the price list displayed at the Clinic and available on the public website (www.drn.hu) is considered to be a price offer which is in force at any time. The Assigned will only send a written price offer after an explicit request, offer of the contract binds the Assigned for 30 days starting after it reached the Client. The Assigned has the right to make changes on a professional basis even when the obligation of the price offer binds them. Requisitioning a discount price is only possible if the Client lives in Hungary and has a valid Health Insurance Number.

2.2. The case by case contract is created on the very day when the Client signs the anamnesis sheet before the first consult and initiation of the first treatment, or starts the treatment under the conditions specified in the individual price offer, or when the Assigned confirms the order of the Client with an identical content. Signing the anamnesis sheet means that the patient agrees on prices specified in the publicly accessible price list.

2.3. After the contract comes into existence the Client is obliged to announce any changes that they want to make, and the Assigned is only obliged to execute them if those are professionally justified and agrees on accepting the changes, in a written form. Other orders coming from the Client come only in force if the Assigned confirms them in a written form.

2.4. The Client is obliged to fill in the anamnesis data sheet (regarding data on medical anamnesis of the patient) before initiating the treatment and hand it over to the Assigned. The Client has to provide the following personal data to the Assigned before starting the treatment: surname and first name, address, date and place of birth, mother’s name, Health Insurance Number or ID number, and is obliged to show an ID card. By signing the anamnesis data sheet or this Terms and Conditions the Client approves recording of the personal and anamnestic data and approves management of the recorded data used to facilitate the treatment. The Assigned is obliged to keep these data confidential (doctors patients confidentiality) and keep the rules of privacy information and the currently valid laws. The Client acknowledges and does not raise any objection to the fact that in the Clinic of the Assigned voice- and image recording may be done, the recordings of which can only be showed by the Assigned to the police if it is necessary, for safety reasons. The service provider ensures the right for the Client to make a declaration regarding any other or modified data management, in person or in written form, on their explicit request, in a room of the Service provider.

14. The Client agrees that their contact information will be recorded in the database of the Service provider, in order that they will be able to inform Clients in forms of newsletter about dental appointments or modification of these, or about novel services of the Assigned. The Service provider ensures that these Client data will not be handed over to a third party.

3. Initiation of treatments

3.1. At time of the first consult a panoramic X-ray may be necessary to assess general status of teeth and the oral cavity. The Assigned will charge patients certain fees for performing this X-ray examination, which fees are specified in the price list in force at any time. If patients possess an X-ray image which is not older than 60 days, they may request using the image that they bring with themselves.

3.2. The first consult and preparing the treatment plan is free (free of charge) if the Client continuous the treatment at the Clinic and finishes it uninterruptedly.

3.3. If data providing of the Client is deficient of late, the Assigned has the right to withdraw from the contract or to alter the treatment plan.

4. Rights and obligations of the contracting parties

4.1. The Assigned has the right to modify the treatment plan at any time if it is medically justified. The assigned is obliged to inform the Client about the type and cause of the modifications and to prepare a new treatment plan.

4.2. The Assigned is allowed to purchase sub-contractors or external experts who help them providing the necessary services. Treatments may necessitate providing intermediary services, especially in case of dental technical jobs.

4.3. During the treatment course the Client is allowed to request suspension of the therapy – on its own responsibility – at any time (or continuation of it later) or even termination of it. In this latter case the Client will only be charged for the dental treatment and technical work which has been done until the discontinuation request is announced. If the Client continuous an initiated therapy elsewhere, the Assigned is not obliged to continue later the treatment steps specified in the previous treatment plan.

4.4. The Assigned maintains the right to interrupt the treatment without obligation for any type of compensation, if health or mental status of the Client hinders the treatment or if the Client has expired debts which they did not pay in time for the Assigned.

4.5. The Assigned also maintains the right to modify the preliminarily agreed appointment or the person of the treating physician. In such cases the Assigned is obliged to immediately inform the Client about the changes.

4.6. The Assigned is allowed to change their services at any time without informing the Client about them, if the changes are necessary and they do not interfere with safety or any laws, or if they do not have a significant impact on the nature and quality of the service provided.

4.7 During providing and purchasing the service the Parties are obliged to co-operate with each other. Within the confines of this co-operation obligation, the Client informs the Health-care Service Provider and the treating physician about all conditions and facts (especially about all previous diseases, medical treatments, taking of medications or medicinal products, risk factors causing potential health damages) knowing of which may contribute to setting the proper diagnosis, preparing an optimal treatment plan or performing the necessary interventions. The information providing obligation of the Client extends to every facts and conditions regarding own diseases (especially to infectious diseases, diseases and conditions which lead to working incapacity) which may risk other peoples’ life or physical safety. If the Client does not fulfil the data and information providing obligation, the Health-care Service Provider shall not be professionally or financially responsible for any consequences deriving from this situation.

5. Assignment fee, terms of payment

5.1. The Client is obliged to pay the fees of treatments to the Assigned, as calculated based on the price list in force at any time, or based on which was specified in individual price offers. In addition to the fees which were mutually accepted by both parties by signing this contract, the Assigned is entitled to endorse additional costs deriving from accomplishing individual Client’s needs which differ from substances and technologies specified in the treatment plan.

5.2. The assignment fee is due in cash and it needs to be paid right after the treatment is finished. In case of dental technical work, the Assigned is obliged to pay fifty (50) per cent of the work fee in advance. The remaining 50 percent will be due after the finished work (dental prosthesis or dental structure) is handed over to the Assigned.

5.3. The Assigned facilitates bank transfer, but they do not accept bank cards or cheques. If the Client would like to cover the treatment costs with the help of health insurance companies, they are obliged to inform the receptionist about this fact right before the treatments are initiated.

5.4. If the Client fails to pay the fees after the treatment is finished, they are obliged to sign a declaration in which they acknowledge their debt. Clients can pay their debt within 14 days without paying extra money. After this 14 days period is over, the Assigned may choose a legal way to collect the debt and collateral costs associated with the legal process needs to be covered by the Client.

6. Guarantee (warranty)

6.1. The Assigned gives the Client guarantee for the Client on dental technical services which is 5 years for crowns, bridges and dentures, 1 year for dental fillings and smaller restorative treatments and 10 years for substances of dental implants. The guarantee (warranty) does not extend to temporary solutions, future root treatment of teeth being crowned or bridged, to natural reactions of patients’ bodies or to unforeseeable consequences deriving from improper oral hygiene.

6.2. The Assigned is released from the obligations in the following cases:
– if the Patient does not show up for a control examination, at least annually
– if the Patient does not keep a proper oral hygiene
– if the Patient does not follow instructions of the dentist (for instance does not wear the complete laminar dental prosthesis at night)
– if the Patient purchases dental treatment or dental technician’s work from another Service provider after a treatment at the Clinic of the Assigned
– if the Patient does not take care of removable dentures and partial laminar dental prostheses or complete laminar dental prostheses properly
– if recession of the gum occurs or the bone degrades
– if the Patient is smoking
– if the Patient looses or gains huge amount of weight within a short period of time

6.3. Damages and costs covered by the warranty in case of a dental technical error – in case all the conditions of the warranty are fulfilled – the Assigned is obliged to cover all dental and dental technical costs associated with repairing/replacing. The place for performing these repairing and replacing processes is the clinic of the Assigned. The warranty does not extend to cover costs of purchasing services from other dentistry or travelling costs.

7. Filing complaints

7.1. The Client has to inform the Assigned about any possible quality complaints immediately, within the warranty period, in a written form. Please notify your treating physician directly (+36-99505208) or send us an email to the following email address: drn@drn.hu.

7.2. The Client is obliged to show up for a control examination in order that the Assigned can examine the complaint. The Client has to provide the challenged dental structure to the Assigned and has to share all information and data regarding the complaint. The parties will write a record about the examination. If the quality complaint of the Client is well-established, the Assigned needs to claim within 4 days after the challenged structure was examined, whether they are able to fulfil the rightful claims of the Client for repairing or replacing within additional 14 workdays.

7.3. If considering causes listed under 6.1. - 6.2. points the Assigned is released from warranty obligations or the complaint cannot be examined due to loss of the dental structure in question or due to other reasons (delay in submitting the complaint), the Assigned does not accept the complaint.

7.4. Miscellaneous and final provisions: the parties claim that in legal disputes, only the Hungarian, regional competent judicial authorities are competent to make decisions.
In questions which are not discussed in this current Terms and Conditions or the individual contracts, the Hungarian law is relevant, especially the Act CLIV of 1997 on rights and responsibilities of health-care workers, Act LXXXIV of 2003 on certain aspects of health-care activities and on process and protection of health-care and health-care related personal data, Act XLVII of 1997 on certain aspects and conditions of health-care activities, and the Decree 96/2003 (15th July) on issuing operation licences for health-care workers and professional minimum requirements of providing health-care services, Ministerial Decree 60/2003. (20th November), the Hungarian Civil Code and other health-care related, social security rules and regulations, professional guidelines and professional protocol rules of the Health-care Service Provider are governing.

7.5 Clients agree that by signing the anamnesis data sheet, they got to know the provisions of Terms and Conditions.

Representative of Affinis Kft: dr Attila Németh managing director

Terms and Conditions are valid from 1st January 2010, until they are withdrawn.