Dental implants are screws made of pure titanium which can be placed into the jaw bone. These implants are later (after a certain period of time when the screw has been incorporated into the bone –which is called osteointegration – used as artificial roots to fix crowns, bridges or any other dental prostheses.
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An implant is an artificial tooth root purely made of titanium, which is implanted into the jaw bone to the place of a missing tooth. It is able to transfer the chewing force to the jaw bone. Any dental structures can be placed onto this artificial root which will provide a perfect aesthetic solution. The intervention is completely painless, it is performed under local anaesthesia under sterile conditions. The duration of the operation varies between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on the number of implants placed. In case of major surgeries it is possible to ask for general anaesthesia, with the help of our anaesthesiologists. The length of the healing period after placement of the implants varies between 2 and 6 months, after which the dental structure which is put onto it, can be prepared. During this transient recovery period we can prepare a removable, temporary denture. If the thickness of the jaw bone does not allow an immediate implantation, nowadays it is possible to perform the most modern bone supplementation procedures and this way every implantation becomes possible. Implants can replace only one tooth, they can support a dental bridge or they are able to anchor a removable dental prosthesis as well. Advantages of the implants are – compared to traditional bridges or removable dental prostheses – that they do not overload our own teeth, tooth substance loss or polishing the surrounding, intact teeth for placement of bridges can be avoided, and they remain stable for decades if we maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Implants can be used in case of losing one or two teeth, implants are used to replace missing teeth, and there is no need to attach them to neighboring teeth, so they will not be polished thanks to this. If posterior molars are missing, only a removable denture can be prepared if there would be no implants available. By placing an implant, preparation of a fix, cemented prosthesis (bridge) also becomes possible.
In case of complete edentulousness (all teeth missing) the prostheses will not remain in its optimal position. In such cases placement of 2 or 4 implants can stabilize or reduce the denture (the palate part above is missing). Due to these facts this solution provides comfort and safety for the patient during speaking and chewing, it helps maintaining social interactions.
In case of placement of six or eight implants we are able to prepare fix, cemented dental prostheses. With the help of dental implantology nightmare of wearing removable dentures - as a signature of old age - can be avoided.

  • In case of our own, hundreds of documented cases the success rate – which is above 97% - meets the requirements specified in international scientific literature.
  • The operations are performed by one of our highly qualified colleagues who owns a German „Master in Implantology” qualification.
  • All interventions are preceded by a digital 3D CT imaging for the highest safety.
  • We provide more years of guarantee for the implantations performed with high quality materials.