IPL fotorejuvenation

„The light which rejuvenates your facial skin”

Both joy, anxiety and sorrow together with the time advancing make our skin look exhausted and older. First visible signs of ageing first appear on our face.
IPL Photorejuvenation at DRN
IPL Photorejuvenation at DRN
Turn back the
hands of time
Although there are several treatments – starting from simple creams to complicated surgical interventions – Lumenis (the world’s leading medical laser manufacturer) developed a revolutionary novel procedure with the help of which we are now able to gently and quickly remove several unpleasant disorders without any side effects.

What does IPL Photorejuvenation mean? The IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a consequent, further developed successor of the laser, which means that it emits high-energy pulsating, non-coherent light, and photorejuvenation means complex rejuvenation of the skin with light. The IPL Photorejuvenation operating with wide spectrum (560nm-1200nm) of light is the first and so far the only rejuvenating therapy which treats the whole skin /penetrating into deeper tissues as well/ as a complex.

Medical indications of IPL photorejuvenation:
Benign pigmentation disorders
Photoaging = ageing or pigmentation due to exposure of sunlight or solarium
Lentigo = small brown patches on the skin
Hyperpigmentation = appearance of darker skin patches
Freckles, Lentigo = pigment spots appearing after sunbathing
Benign vascular disorders
Teleangiectasia = small dilations of blood vessels /, Rosacea, Erythema / permanent redness of the facial skin /
Structural abnormalities in the epithelium and dermis
Small wrinkles, atonic skin (disorders of elastic and collagen fibers, connective tissue),
Anomalies of hair growth, large skin pores

As a result of the treatment 80-95% of the above described disorders vanish.

How does IPL work? Photorejuvenation is progressive, it has more steps and it is a constructive procedure. The skin is irradiated with a high-energy light for a short period of time /one thousandth of a second/. This time is not enough to burn the skin or cause pain, but deeper layers of the skin receive an intensive stimulus which boosts production of collagen and elastic fibers. On the other hand, if there are disorders in the epithelium or dermis developed during the past years /pigment spots, dilated vessels/ which get into the way of light, they absorb it and they will thermally damaged and finally disintegrating and disappearing.

What is the course of a treatment? The future patient, after a consult, fills in a questionnaire asking about previous diseases, treatments, recently taken medications, then the patient receives a price offer and an appointment is booked. The intervention is performed by a dermatologist-cosmetologist specialist and an assistant previously attending a laser training. The treatment takes 25 minutes. The treatment may pertain to the face, neck, cleavage, hands and shoulders. During the treatments patients are lying on a bed and their eyes are covered with protective glasses. The area which will be treated is cleaned. Due to the cooling cream applied and the cooling incorporated in the instrument head the treatment is usually painless, but sometimes patients may feel a stabbing-piercing pain in more sensitive areas as the light flashes. Patients can return to their daily routine and work after the treatment, they only need to calculate on mild redness or sensitivity, which may last for about 1-2 hours. In order to achieve long-lasting results more treatments /4-5 sessions are recommended/ have to be performed, they need to be repeated every 3 weeks. In the meantime between the treatments please avoid immoderate exposure to sunlight or solarium. Our specialist colleague at the Clinic has the right knowledge and professional experience to ensure the ideal choice of treatment with which maximal results can be achieved. But we cannot take responsibility for unexpected individual reactions. Your personal data are handled accordingly to the doctor-patient confidentiality.

For whom do we recommend the IPL therapy? Ageing of the skin starts to develop gradually after the age of 25, so above this age the treatment can be recommended for everyone. The best results can be achieved with patients between the ages of 30 and 60 years whose skin was damaged by sun exposure and environmental radiation (photoaging), whose skin is slightly wrinkled, mildly atonic, spotted with markedly dark spots, somewhere with tiny dilated vessels and large pores, whose condition does not respond to the best cosmetics or medications.

What results can be achieved with the IPL therapy? It provides a calm and relaxed facial skin after the first treatment by vanishing small wrinkles. The results are similar when someone goes to a cosmetician every week and gets complete skin care with the finest cosmetics. After the second-third treatment small vessels also disappear, pigment spots fade away, rarely brown stripes can occur but they will disappear. Other pigmented spots (solar lentigo) become darker, come up to the surface then after shedding they disappear without a trace. At the end of the full course of treatment (which consists of 5 sessions), after 3-4 months the facial skin of the patient will look like how it was years ago. Re-production of the elastic fibers starts about 4-6 months later, when the facial skin significantly smoothens. Keeping the periods between the therapeutic sessions precisely can improve the efficacy.

What should we do to maintain this condition? Speaking from our own experience we can tell that this transition is long-lasting, however 1-2 „refreshing” IPL-therapy is recommended annually to maintain the results, and the whole course of treatment should be repeated every 3 years.