Sagging of facial and neck skin, decreasing firmness and appearance of fine but deep wrinkles may emerge by ageing, around the age of 35-40 years.
Turn back the
hands of time
Formerly almost only solutions of these problems were cosmetic facial surgeries or other surgical interventions. During the past few years more and more minimally invasive (associated with only minimal injury) methods were introduced, with the help of which vast majority of these problems can be improved spectacularly. In medical practice use of botox and dermal filling with absorbable substances are all well-known techniques.

Currently the FTC¬ Fine Thread Contouring – a contouring and lifting method – is one of the most popular and beloved firming medical-aesthetic treatment, which does not require surgical intervention.

During the treatment we insert absorbable threads of different length and strength into the sagging and loose skin with the help of fine needles. These threads remain in the skin after the needles are removed. The firming effect is instantly visible, but long term results (lasting for 1-2 years) become more spectacular 3-4 weeks after the treatment. The inserted 30-60 threads or bio-fibres restart the natural regenerating mechanism of tissues and it enhances wound healing by a mechanical effect, as well as it boosts collagen production. The results: firm, more lively and youthful skin. There are several advantages of the treatment: ¬it is only associated with a small skin injury, there is no need for an incision, no scars remaining, the threads inserted into the skin are „invisible”, the firming effect is visible immediately which will last for 1-2 years after 3-4 weeks have passed, it firms and smoothens sagging skin and small wrinkles spectacularly, it causes only minimal pain, it is rarely accompanied by small hematomas, it is safe, as it is skin-friendly (biocompatible PDO), the healing period is very short, hypoallergenic, sterile, bio-absorbable threads are used with the help of which we can treat the sagging skin of the face, neck and abdomen, the unique facial features, character and contours of patients will not be altered, the firming effect can be enhanced by using larger numbers of threads, the duration of a treatment is approximately 30-60 minutes, after that patients can return to their daily routine, no allergic reactions have been reported so far connected to these threads, results can be enhanced and the method can be combined with other skin firming techniques such as botox, injection dermal fillings, chemical peeling, light treatments, laser therapy. This FTC contouring and lifting technique is a safe and effective firming method which we also use at our Clinic.

For individual preliminary designing of the treatment, a personal consult is necessary in all cases.