Regen Body Treatment

The device using tripolar radio frequency selectively and directly warms up the skin and deeper subcutaneous tissues, it shrinks lipid layers as a result of which smoothens and firms the skin. It can be safely and effectively used for skin firming, decreasing fat deposits or the treat cellulitis. This way wrinkles disappear, the skin is rejuvenated and flexible and cushions of fat will be reduced significantly.
Regen Body treatment- DRN Sopron
Regen Body treatment- DRN Sopron
Turn back the
hands of time
The treatment is similar to a pleasant massage, during which tripolar radio frequency warms up lipid layers found in deeper skin regions up to approx. 40°C, this way blood circulation improves, metabolic processes accelerate, collagen production boosts and the fat – which was liquified due to warming – is excreted through the lymphatic system. The treatment requires few energy, it affects directly certain regions and it is completely painless.
Although its positive effects can be observed after the first session, long-lasting results can be achieved with multiple treatments. After 46 treatments – one session every week – your dress size can be 1 size smaller. In order to enhance the efficacy of the treatment it is worth consuming high amount of fluid (2-3 liters daily).

Fields of application:
– Decreasing body cellulite – body shaping (thigh, abdomen, hip, waist, buttock, arm)
– Facial treatment – double chin treatment and skin firming (face, neck, cleavage treatments)

– Pregnancy, breast-feeding
– Metallic implants, pacemaker
– Infections
– Inflammation of the treated area
– Slow, impaired lymphatic circulation
– Cancerous diseases