3D Diagnostic System

Digital 3D CT and Panoramic X-ray imaging with green technology which is gentle to the human body One of the most important basic criteria of successful treatments is that the treating dentist needs to get a clear and unambiguous picture of your dental condition.
Digital 3D diagnostic system- DRN Dental
Digital 3D diagnostic system- DRN Dental
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A precise diagnosis is extremely important in the field of dental implantations, bone supplementations, treatment of periodontal diseases and oro-surgical interventions.

At our Clinic a new technology enables to use a digital diagnostic system: it is called KAVO 3D digital panoramic X-ray. This state-of-the-art diagnostic device, based on a green technology, allows us to set the most precise diagnosis and create an individual therapeutic plan in case of each patient. You do not have to visit an external diagnostic centre if a panoramic X-ray or a CT image is needed before a dental intervention.

Thanks to the innovative development of the device it only exerts the lowest possible burden on the human body, so it spares you from unnecessary radiation load. Taking a complete image takes only 5.9 seconds, so you are only exposed to radiation during the imaging for this short period of time.