Smile Design

Appearance of smile design brought new perspective in aesthetic dentistry. With the help of a special program we are able to design aesthetic appearance of front teeth with unimaginable accuracy and consciousness. We can show you the expected results even before initiating the treatment.
Smile Design- DRN Dental
Smile Design- DRN Dental
Your smile is
important to us
With the help of the smile design program we are able to show the patient the expectable results rapidly and easily, even before the planned intervention. As components of the smile, shape of teeth, dental arch, alignment of teeth determine our facial features, so conscious structuring of smile is of great importance. The face can be rejuvenated and softened with a bright smile, and it can be designs consciously. We take a portrait photo of the patient which is used by the smile design program to create an optimal smile for the patient. This will serve as a basis for preparing a treatment plan and for performing the necessary interventions.

The designing process starts with facial analysis and examination of the facial character, which are essential for accurate determination of shape and alignment of teeth, character of the smile and certain other components.

Smile design is always aiming to harmonize the entire smile and the entire denture. During smile design we always take the patient’s personality and facial character into consideration. With the design program we can reach our goal which is giving a harmonized smile to our patients which fits their face and personality, so that they can leave our clinic satisfied and happy.