Botox – Vistabel Treatment

Recently there is a novel technique which can cease excessive movements of mimical muscles which are responsible for wrinkle development. During this procedure we administer injections into facial muscles of the forehead and around the exes which loosens them.
Botox treatment at the DRN Dermatology in Sopron
Botox treatment at the DRN Dermatology in Sopron
Turn back the
hands of time
The skin becomes firm above the „calmed-down” muscles within a couple of days. There are no harmful side-effects and if it is injected into the armpit, it can stop unpleasant perspiration. The treatment is almost completely painless. The exact injection sites and the amount of active agent administered is determined by the treating physician during examination of the patient. Result of the BOTOX treatment becomes visible after 2-5 days, it takes its maximum effect during the second week and it lasts for 3 months after the first treatment. If the effect weakens the treatment can be repeated anytime. It does not cause any pathological abnormalities in the treated muscles. Duration of the effect is longer if repeated sessions are performed, in such cases the results can be maintained for 6-8 months. These treatments can only be performed by qualified professionals. But not to forget one important thing: the epithelium and subcutaneous connective tissues will not be younger due to any cosmetic interventions, so in order to achieve the most efficient effect we recommend to combine the above listed treatments with IPL Photorejuvenation therapy. During the first consult we give you a price offer and a recommendation which treatment would be the most effective for you, which and how much of the substance is injected to your skin. We inform you about possible post-treatment side effects and about the expected results. We prepare a combined and detailed treatment plan.