General Surgery

As a new opportunity we start our general surgical practice in service of our patients who visit us with their dermatological, dental or aesthetic problems and for everyone. Preliminary appointment booking on the phone is necessary but we arrange everything discretely.
General surgery- DRN Dermatology
General surgery- DRN Dermatology
Turn back the
hands of time
In an exclusive environment and intimate atmosphere is ensured in order that the confidential patient-physician connection, which facilitates the fastest healing, could develop. We take our time and expertise to explore and properly treat the diseases which may require surgical intervention or conservative therapy.

„Sic transit gloria scapellorum”

Thus passes the glory of the scalpel, says the Latin phrase, but there are abnormalities and diseases which cannot be treated with alternative methods, only with a scalpel. Our general surgical specialist with 19 years of clinical experience is waiting for those patients for a consult, who honor him with their trust and reveal their complaints honestly. There are no minor or major surgical diseases. For everyone, the biggest problems are those abnormalities which are discovered on themselves, which distract us from our daily routine, which make you anxious and worried, so these problems require a solution as soon as possible. We would like to help solving these problems based on mutual trust. Besides surgical consults, examinations and counseling we can provide a wide spectrum of interventions for you which can be performed under local anaesthesia.

Without being exhaustive:
injection therapy in certain varicosity cases,
ingrown nail,
removal of birth-marks (naevus), warts,
placement of body piercings.

We offer tissue-friendly, atraumatic /tissue sparing/ surgical interventions aiming perfect aesthetic results.
If you have any type of surgical complaint, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Csaba Ősz general surgeon at our Clinic.

We wish you a quick recovery.