Our dental clinic offers safety for our patients in a friendly environment, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. A lot of people are still anxious when they have to sit in a dentist’s chair.
Dentristry- DRN Dental Sopron
Dentristry- DRN Dental Sopron
Your smile is
important to us
Due to this fact, at the DRN Dental Clinic we provide stress-free treatments performed in a friendly environment, and our primary goal is to keep you comfortable and satisfied. Thanks to the 3D CT technology, which is available on the spot, we are able to create the most favorable and optimal treatment plan for our patients. The detailed 3-dimensional images provide help in the field of implantology and endodontics, where treatments of the tooth root canal are performed with the most modern technology and with the help of a microscope. Our special field within dentistry is preparing aesthetic crowns and bridges and placement of dental implants. This latter procedure is performed by one of our specialists who owns a German „Master in Implantology” qualification.

Why choosing us?
  • High quality standards are combined with individual anthropocentric medical care.
  • Our physicians, dentists and assistants are excellent and highly qualified professionals, they speak different languages, among others, in German and English.
  • Individually-tailored favorable treatment prices
  • We provide guarantee to all interventions and treatments performed at our Clinic (you can find detailed information on this topic under the Guarantee menu point)