A dental structure is called a crown if it covers the whole clinical crown completely and is attached to it with a cement layer.
Crowns and bridges- Dentistry in Hungary, Sopron
Crowns and bridges- Dentistry in Hungary, Sopron
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Dental crowns are indirect dental prostheses, as preparation of them is not directly performed in the oral cavity but in dental technical laboratories. The dentist – after preliminary preparation (polishing) of the tooth for the crown, takes an impression. The dental technicians at the laboratory prepare the crown with the help a sample based on the impression.

When do we prepare crowns?
• In case of large extent of dental substance loss resulting from caries.
• For aesthetic reasons, it discoloration of teeth cannot be solved by tooth whitening or ceramic veneers. Crowns can also be prepared for other aesthetic reasons in case of so-called developmental disorders of the enamel or dentin, or if closure of a diastema (inter-dental space between the two central incisors) cannot be fixed by bracing or dental veneers.
• We can also prepare crowns if a dental prosthesis is needed, because bridges replacing the missing teeth are fixed by the crown onto pillar teeth.

What are these crowns made of?
At our Clinic – besides the traditional metal crowns – we more and more frequently use metal-free prostheses, the material of which is a ceramic substance burnt onto a zirconium-dioxide base. Primary advantages of zircon crowns are the slight thermal conduction, excellent biocompatibility, outstanding strength and superb light transparency. Thanks to these characteristics, dental prosthesis made with the help of these crowns and bridges completely resembling our natural teeth. The zircon system is anallergenic, body- and tooth-friendly.